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Megan is currently writing her debut novel with her co-author Bobbi Quinn.

Tituba was just a girl when she was kidnapped, ripped from everything she's ever known. Since that day Tituba has crossed the ocean twice, learned three languages, and bested her captors time and again. When the young girls Tituba is caring for start to have fits, Tituba is accused of witchcraft. Now she must stand trial, suspected of conspiring with the Devil. Will Tituba be able to use all that's she learned in her life to clear her name?

My Hands Clasped Around Her Lyre Book Cover.jpg

Megan's next project will be My Hands Clasped Around Her Lyre. A short story about the great poet Sappho and the love that first inspired her.


Sappho has always known she was destined for greatness, she spends her days teaching other maidens and her nights working as a prostitute on the island of Lesbos. When she sees Erato, daughter of Zeus and muse of lyrical poetry, she calls up to Aphrodite. Sappho knows she needs a love affair if she is ever to be the great poet she knows herself capable of but will she learn to see Erato as more than just inspiration?

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