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Megan grew up in Florida and now lives on their family farm in Lake Wales. Megan attended the University of Central Florida where they earned their BA in nonprofit management with a minor in diversity and social inequality. Megan spends their time writing, working on her podcast, tutoring students, and reviewing books.

Megan is currently writing her debut novel with co-author Bobbie Quinn. A magical realism novel that takes another look at the Salem Witch Trials. This time focusing on the woman who found herself at the center of one of the U.S.' most infamous atrocities: Tituba.  

Megan co-hosts The Monstrous Woman Podcast with their friend Quinn. In each episode, Quinn and Megan discuss a different woman or feminine monster's portrayal in media on a quest to discover what good women's representation looks like. You can listen to TMWP on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Anchor now!

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